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Vocalion records have four super releases to get 2017 underway. The Rogues (1964) (CDLK 4601) features music composed and conducted by Nelson Riddle. The Rogues, a rather short-lived TV series (aired on NBC from September 13, 1964, to April 18, 1965), starred David Niven, Gig Young and Charles Boyer as a trio of former conmen. Whilst it won the 1964 Golden Globe award for Best Television Series, the show has largely been forgotten. Thankfully, Alfred Perry of Four Star Television had the vision to approach RCA with the idea of releasing an album of Riddle’s music from the show. Vocalion’s beautifully mastered CD is a straight re-issue of that album (LSP 2976). As you would expect from Riddle, a hugely talented composer who had penned music from the TV series The Untouchables and Route 66, his music for The Rogues is both rich and lush. It’s a great example of a period sound with plenty of silky strings and of course some wonderful swinging brass rhythms. Sound quality is remarkably good thanks to Michael J. Dutton’s remastering of the original analogue tapes. It is also nice to see Vocalion reverting back to providing a full and informative set of original liner notes. Oliver Lomax provides a comprehensive account of Riddle, his musicians and his unique approach to music. The Rogues is a release that certainly justifies and fully deserves a fresh re-evaluation as well as some detailed attention.

Secret Cinema - Rita & LynnSecret Cinema - Rita & LynnSecret Cinema - Rita & LynnSecret Cinema - Rita & Lynn