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A dramatization of the shocking Barbara Daly Baekeland murder case, which happened in a posh London flat on Friday 17 November 1972. The bloody crime caused a stir on both sides of the Atlantic and remains one of the most memorable American Tragedies...

To destroy a person’s faith in something that is truly good, something that has helped billions of people…I personally think that is evil. Of course, some might think killing or maiming or stealing is wrong, but to damage one from the inside like that…that’s just not right. I was raised by Communist parents, born in a country where most people didn’t believe in God. Now I’m a Christian, and, looking back, I truly, truly think that my life has since improved very much. God bless you all.

Immoral Monkeys - Angels SecretImmoral Monkeys - Angels SecretImmoral Monkeys - Angels SecretImmoral Monkeys - Angels Secret