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Seeley received a call from Brennan saying Pelant had her at his place, and he went charging in and beat the crap out of him. I normally love seeing protective Seeley come out, but having guessed from Brennan’s stilted voice on the call that it was a fake — Pelant had already changed their ringtones to howling wolves — Seeley’s rage was frustrating to watch because you knew what was going to happen. Seeley putting Pelant’s head through a window and kicking him when he was down was all Pelant’s lawyer needed to win him parole and get Seeley and Brennan thrown off the case. Sweets got taken off it when he kept saying his profile fit Pelant instead of Brennan. Angela was pissed at Cam for reporting all the damning evidence to the new agent in charge, but after Caroline got tossed off the case because Pelant made their bank accounts look like Brennan had paid her off (I guess to put the wrong address on the search warrant to buy Brennan some time), she told Angela that Cam was the hero — she was the only one who hadn’t done what Pelant expected. She was doing everything by the book so the Jeffersonian would still have access to the case. It was particularly tough on Cam to report that hair found in Brennan’s car trunk matched Ethan. Excellent crying by Tamara Taylor.

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and stress," she decided to take a leave of absence from the business world at age 45. The plan was to sell the New Jersey home, store all belongings and travel for 6 months. She would decide what the next chapter in her life would be while travelling. SEVEN years later having travelled the world solo, ("stuff" remaining in storage), she decided to return to Houston, and start a travel business. Why seven years? It was her obsession and passion to continue her education to learn more about herself, the religions of the world, the civilizations of people who share this beautiful planet earth. She also wanted to "connect the dots" of history and to better understand politics and foreign policies. She also enjoyed the great outdoors and experienced some of the world's most scenic landscapes. After returning to Houston she went to South Texas Law School to acquire her "Mediator" License, with the primary focus being travel mediation.

Max Brennan - Let's Go There TogetherMax Brennan - Let's Go There TogetherMax Brennan - Let's Go There TogetherMax Brennan - Let's Go There Together