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Eberhard Schoener (born May 13, 1938, Stuttgart ) is a German musician, composer , conductor , and arranger. His activities combine many styles and formats. Originally a classical violinist and conductor of chamber music and opera, he was one of the early adopters and popularizers of the Moog synthesizer in Europe. In the 1970s he traveled to Indonesia and incorporated musical elements from Asia into his own work. [2] He has collaborated with rock musicians such as Jon Lord and The Police . He has composed film scores, videos, music for television, and an opera to be broadcast via the Internet. [3] He has won numerous awards, including the 1975 Schwabing Art Prize for music, the 1992 Bambi Award for creativity and a lifetime achievement award at the Soundtrack_Cologne Festival of Music and Sound in Film and the Media in November, 2014. [4] [5] [6]

Eberhard Schoener - EventsEberhard Schoener - EventsEberhard Schoener - EventsEberhard Schoener - Events