The urgency - the urgency - Urgency | Definition of Urgency by Merriam-Webster

There is one thing to note: if your goal is challenging, you should give yourself enough time to achieve it. The goal of landing man on the moon was set in 1961 and achieved in 1969 – an eight-year time span. Without giving yourself enough time, your subconscious mind will reject your goal as impossible and you will only see failure.

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Urgency proposals are assessed using the same criteria as other discovery science schemes. Urgency proposals are first assessed by external peer reviewers. Once reviews have been received, a member of the NERC Peer Review College moderates the comments and makes a recommendation. The reviewing and moderation process should be completed within one month from submission of the proposal.

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The Urgency - The UrgencyThe Urgency - The UrgencyThe Urgency - The UrgencyThe Urgency - The Urgency